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Sometimes the stars align and you have a day doing not one but two of your favourite things. Yesterday was one of those days. We currently have My brother in law to be Joe Symonds and his wife and daughter staying with us while they are having an extension built on their house. Needless to say its a bit cramped, so a day out in some wide open spaces was much needed.  A plan was concocted to head up

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Fling Training Week 5: Jan 11th-17th Inc Feel the Burns

Weekly training summary 132.1km/2835m ascent/12hrs2mins Mon 11th AM 4km PM 8km easy commute Tue 12th AM 4km easy commute PM 23km including hilly fartlek Wed 13th AM 4km easy. PM 18km inc 3x10mins off 90 sec recovery (3.49/3.44/3.42/km) Thur 14th 5km easy commute Fri 15th 5km easy commute Sat 16th 41km: snowy dumgoyne loop Sun 17th Feel the Burns Hill race. 21km 900m ascent Solid weeks mileage, including my first visit to Selkirk for Feel the Burns Hill race. The

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Fling Training week 4. 4th-10th Jan

A wee summary: 129.4km Mon 4th: 16km/636m ascent. Dumgoyne loop Tue: AM 4km easy commute. PM Bella Hill reps 5long/5short 14km inc warmup/down Wed: AM 5km easy commute. PM 12km easy commute Thur: AM 4km easy commute. PM Glasgow Green 5 x1mile off 7.30s Fri: 4km easy commute Sat: Long run with the Bellas, 34km, with 12km “effort” (155-160 bpm) Sun: 21km easy paced hill run, Glen Finglas

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Fling Training week 3 (28th Dec-3rd Jan): Getting through christmas

b&g parkrun

Christmas is a weird time for training, despite having more spare time somehow with all the eating, drinking and hanging out with family (1st world problems) it is harder fitting everything in. But  I have made it through and my manky exploding toe isn’t causing any more problems. Mon am: 4km test run to try out toe- felt ok Mon pm: 18km easy Tue am 10km hilly run inc 3x3min hills (intended to be 5 but headtorch battery started

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Fling training week 2 (21st-27th Dec): the week of the exploding toenail

Monam: 5km easy. Mon pm 10km easy Tue am: 10km inc 8 x gardner st hill reps Wed am 8km easy. Wed pm 25min tempo + 7km easy Thur am 16km easy. Thur pm 3km easy. Rest of week canceled due to exploding septic toe. Fortunately I decided not to take pics. Basically a relapse of my wonky toenail problems I had after the Spine race. On wednesday night I had a sleepless night due to pain in my

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Highland Fling Training week 1

Being a bit of a running nerd I’m quite a fan of Steve Way’s blog when he details his training in meticulous detail. I am always too lazy to do such a thing. But seeing as I am in week 1 of a training plan for the Highland Fling I might give it whizz untill it inevitably fizzles out in a few weeks time. So weekly summary Mon am: 6km easy. Mon pm 16km easy Tue am 5km easy.

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Trossachs Night trail Series race 1

Over the last few weeks I have been making a habit of going to races where the travelling time exceeds the time spent actually running. Aberfoyle night trail race on Wednesday night was no exception. Organised by hill legend Angela Mudge this was a 5.5mile night time trail race round Aberfoyle forestry tracks. Half the battle was getting out of Glasgow to make the 7pm start, the race itself would be a doddle after that. Escaping the new South

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quick update

Amazing how time passes when you are moving house and organising a wedding. Since Glen Coe skyline I have raced loads and completely failed to blog. A quick look through Strava says: Serre Chevalier Skyrace, Two Breweries Hill Race, Pentland Skyline, Run of the Mill hill race, Antoinine Trail race, National Cross Country relays. Too much time has passed to blog these properly so lets for the record sum them up in a few words: Serre Chevalier: Wet, big

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Serre Che Trail

After the dust has settled on Glen Coe, I’ve decided to “treat myself” to a wee trip over to Serre Chevalier for some Skyrunning French style. The race isn’t till sunday so I’m enjoying wee bit of sun and pre race recovery. Currently 30C and sunny however the forecast for the race is looking a bit unpleasant. Sounds like we will be running a shortened course due to the bad weather. I have to admit I’m not too upset

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Glencoe Skyline

glencoe skyline

Glencoe Skyline was probably the most exciting and painful 10 hours I have ever had on the hills. This was a race that promised brutal thrills and it delivered them with (cow)bells on. Shane and his team deserve enormous credit for having the guts to organise a race like this.  The media were waiting and watching for something to go wrong but they delivered a perfectly executed race. So before I bleat on about my race a big, big

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