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Sometimes the stars align and you have a day doing not one but two of your favourite things. Yesterday was one of those days. We currently have My brother in law to be Joe Symonds and his wife and daughter staying with us while they are having an extension built on their house. Needless to say its a bit cramped, so a day out in some wide open spaces was much needed.  A plan was concocted to head up to Fyne Ales brewery stock up on some amazing beers and take an unconventional route up Ben Luis.  Beer and munro bagging in one trip. Perfect.

Mini keg of Jarl bagged plus a mixed case of goodies, Sanda blonde, sanda black and the double IPA version of Jarl. A good haul.


Beer bagged it was time to head up Ben Luis. 5km on the road before we hit a nice track for another 5km. This was to be the only easy running of the day. We hit our first river crossing then it was on to bog, tussucks and lots more river crossings. Navigation not to much of a problem, just head for the big snowy lump in front. Once we hit said big snowy lump going got harder as instead of nice crisp snow it was soft and sinky, either that or I have put on a few pounds. As we got a bit higher and steeper we put on microspikes for the last slog up to the summit. Views were amazing as you will see when I can persuade wordpress to upload the photos. Sunshine, very little wind and a bearable temperature, I haven’t had many days like that this winter.


Time for the descent then, we decided just to leg it down the steep descent to the coll. The lack of any steep drops or crags meant a high speed bumslide was the most fun option. It was also really the only option once you had started. Once we were a bit further down we hit the soft snow again. Sinking about a foot with every stride was pretty hard work but only lasted a couple of miles then we reached the bottom and the long boggy tussocky slog was a welcome change. Then back along the 5km of road To the brewery- good training for the similar bit at the end if Jura fell race.  As joe was driving I got to pop in for a little end of run beer while joe took one for the team and stuck to the co-op chocolate milk. A top day in the hills.

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