Beinn Dubh

With 7 days to go to the next race todays session was a wee bit lighter than recent weeks. I headed to Bein Dubh for todays hill reps.  Bein Dubh is a great wee hill with a nice gradient that is just about runnable all the way, but only just. So you spend the whole time flicking between running and fast hiking as it is hard to tell which is quickest. The descent is great fun, if you are in the mood you can completely trash your quads on it as you can pretty much run it flat out with its mostly smooth and grassy terrain. I settled for 3 reps, going hardish up with jog recoveries back down.  The downside of this hill is the absense of man eating bogs like on Cort-ma Law. So I didn’t get the amusement of seeing small children faceplant in bogs this week. But I did get a pretty rainbow over Loch Lomond.

View from Bein Dubh

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