Fling Training week 4. 4th-10th Jan

A wee summary: 129.4km Mon 4th: 16km/636m ascent. Dumgoyne loop Tue: AM 4km easy commute. PM Bella Hill reps 5long/5short 14km inc warmup/down Wed: AM 5km easy commute. PM 12km easy commute Thur: AM 4km easy commute. PM Glasgow Green 5 x1mile off 7.30s Fri: 4km easy commute Sat: Long run with the Bellas, 34km, with 12km “effort” (155-160 bpm) Sun: 21km easy paced hill run, Glen Finglas

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Fling training week 2 (21st-27th Dec): the week of the exploding toenail

Monam: 5km easy. Mon pm 10km easy Tue am: 10km inc 8 x gardner st hill reps Wed am 8km easy. Wed pm 25min tempo + 7km easy Thur am 16km easy. Thur pm 3km easy. Rest of week canceled due to exploding septic toe. Fortunately I decided not to take pics. Basically a relapse of my wonky toenail problems I had after the Spine race. On wednesday night I had a sleepless night due to pain in my

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Training 3-9th Aug

hill reps face cort-ma law

One of the main benefits of moving to Strathblane has been I can sneak in a lot more miles by running into work each day. So this week has seen the first hundred mile week in a while. 171km, 4730m ascent, 17hr 50m training time and pretty tired legs today. Not much quality speed work in there this week but plenty of hills, the main session was Saturday’s 37km of hill reps on Cort-ma Law. The highlight of which

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Where I’m at


To start off the shiny new blog I thought I’d better round up where I am and what is coming up over the next couple of months. 2015 started with the excitement of being selected to run for Scotland at the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k. Unfortunately a build of niggling injuries and illness meant I didn’t really manage the run I would have hoped for. But still an amazing experience. It was great to run alongside Ross Houston and

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