Fling training week 2 (21st-27th Dec): the week of the exploding toenail

Monam: 5km easy. Mon pm 10km easy

Tue am: 10km inc 8 x gardner st hill reps

Wed am 8km easy. Wed pm 25min tempo + 7km easy

Thur am 16km easy. Thur pm 3km easy.

Rest of week canceled due to exploding septic toe. Fortunately I decided not to take pics. Basically a relapse of my wonky toenail problems I had after the Spine race. On wednesday night I had a sleepless night due to pain in my big toe, I managed to run into work but was in a bit of pain during the day. I scrounged a lift home with Elsie and the pain was getting worse. But it was christmas eve and didn’t want to cause a fuss so thought the best solution would be ibuprofen and some hoppy beers. Didn’t seem to help as much as I had hoped. Toe was swelling up and the pressure on the toenail was building. I knew the solution would be to stab a hole in the nail to releive the pressure. If I was a proper man I would have done this myself but couldn’t bring myself to do it. So at 4 in the morning Elsie kindly drove us down to the hospital which to my relief was pretty quiet. We were seen within 20mins, the doc took one look at my toe and said, “i’m afraid that bad boy is coming off”.

In my sleep deprived state I thought he meant my toe. To my relief he meant my toenail. After a small injection of local anaesthetic I shut my eyes and he yanked my toenail of. When I opened my eyes there was large line of pus an impressive distance away and a nurse was wiping down the young doctors hair. It brought to mind the episode of Father Ted where Father Jack has to get his nails clipped. They dressed my wound and sent me on my way with instuctions to get to a Podiatrist. It’s times like this I am very grateful for the NHS. Not only do they do the heroic stuff like life saving brain operations they have saved my manky feet.

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