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Fling Training week 3 (28th Dec-3rd Jan): Getting through christmas

Christmas is a weird time for training, despite having more spare time somehow with all the eating, drinking and hanging out with family (1st world problems) it is harder fitting everything in. But  I have made it through and my manky exploding toe isn’t causing any more problems.

Mon am: 4km test run to try out toe- felt ok

Mon pm: 18km easy

Tue am 10km hilly run inc 3x3min hills (intended to be 5 but headtorch battery started to die), plus 3km easy (rest of run commute)

Wed 14x1min brisk/1min steady fartlek (avg 3:45/km, avg hr170bpm) plus 3km either side easy pace

Thur am: 16km easy pace run commute

Fri NYday: Double park run with 10km easy inbetween

pollok parkrun 18:50. tollcross 19:16

Sat: Long run scuppered as only had 2hrs free. So spilt into 1hr easy/1hr effort by HR. 1st hr 146bpm, 2nd 158bpm. 28km total.

Sun: 10km hills, easy pace up Dumgoyne with Elsie

Weeks highlight was double parkrun on NY day b&g parkrun

Brendan was the only idiot I could convince to join me for this. Despite the hangover got around in 18:50ish . Then we jogged over to Tollcross diverting for a luxury emergency toilet stop in Macdonalds. Then 2nd 5km effort of the day, predictions of a massive positive split didn’t happen, managed to force myself around in 19:16 but most pleasingly there were no emergency vomit/exploding bottom stops. Plan for a few easy miles after was binned and we headed home to resume the festive stuffing of faces.

b&g parkrun2

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