Fling Training Week 5: Jan 11th-17th Inc Feel the Burns

feel the burns1

feel the burns2

Weekly training summary

132.1km/2835m ascent/12hrs2mins

Mon 11th AM 4km PM 8km easy commute

Tue 12th AM 4km easy commute PM 23km including hilly fartlek

Wed 13th AM 4km easy. PM 18km inc 3x10mins off 90 sec recovery (3.49/3.44/3.42/km)

Thur 14th 5km easy commute

Fri 15th 5km easy commute

Sat 16th 41km: snowy dumgoyne loop

Sun 17th Feel the Burns Hill race. 21km 900m ascent

Solid weeks mileage, including my first visit to Selkirk for Feel the Burns Hill race. The race sold out pretty quickly but after sending a groveling email to organiser Sheila I was kindly given a place. However I slightlyruined my chances of a decent run by doing 40 odd km in the hills the evening before. Despite the tired legs it was well worth the trip down. Lovely route through some snowy hills with a plate of haggis waiting for you in the rugby club at the finish. Braw.

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