Highland Fling Training week 1

Being a bit of a running nerd I’m quite a fan of Steve Way’s blog when he details his training in meticulous detail. I am always too lazy to do such a thing. But seeing as I am in week 1 of a training plan for the Highland Fling I might give it whizz untill it inevitably fizzles out in a few weeks time.

So weekly summary

Mon am: 6km easy. Mon pm 16km easy

Tue am 5km easy. Tue pm: Nebit Moontain race 3.5km 460m climb 27.17.

Wed am: 10km easy. Wed pm: 10km easy

Thur am: 5km easy. Thur pm track session 6x1mile off 400m jog recovery. Plus 12km warm up/down commute

Fri 3km easy jog & S&C session.

Sat Long run. 45min easy/40min race pace, 45min easy/30 min race pace. 36km total

Sunday: hangover recover run exploring some new routes in the campsies 14km

total 133km 2877m ascent

Monday, all the best training plans start with an easy day. Tuesday was the Nebit Moontain race. A great wee hill race in the Ochils in the dark. I did this race a couple of years ago and turned up with a headtorch with slightly duff batteries. I felt a right dick on the startline when I switched it on and I looked like I had a candle strapped to my head. Needless to say I didnt do very well that year. So this year I had 500 lumens blasting out from a Petzl Nao and it was a bit more fun. I was a wee bit faster this year mainly because I could see where I was going. Technically was my first PB in a race since my brain haemorrhage however i’m not counting it as last time I was mainly trying not to break my legs in the darkness.

Wednesday, I had horrific DOMS from running down Nebit the night before so just easy runs to and from work.

Thursday was mile reps at the track. I considered gatecrashing the Shettleston session at crownpoint but they were doing 400m reps so I toddled down to Scotstoun to do the session there on the way home from work. It was a whos who of Scottish ultra runners, with Paul Giblin putting a few of his clients through a beastly looking session. I was a bit off the pace and was a bit concerned as their warmdown didn’t seem to be much slower than my mile reps. More embarrassment later on as the 10year old Victoria Park junior girls on the track started out pacing me.

Friday was an easy day and some Strength and conditioning work courtesy of James Dunne at Kinetic Revolution before the main session of the week on saturday morning. Original plan was 20 miles with 30 mins at race pace. But legs were feeling good so decided to do 2 sections of efforts. 45min easy/40min hard, then 45 min easy/30mins hard. I use hard loosly, I was hovering between 160-165bpm heart rate so not beasting it but was feeling it by the end.

Sunday was hangover recovery day and did this with a nice trot round the hills trying a new route from the house instead of the same old dumgoyne earls seat run we usually do for this purpose.

So ding ding week 1 down, lets see if this lasts till april…


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