Season Plan

I just thought it would be a good idea to get all the years planned races down in one place as the calendar is filling up rapidly. The main target for the early part of the year is the Highland Fling. After that the summer is all about the hills. As well as the usual Scottish Hill racing favourites I have a couple of exciting trips to Norway and Italy for a bit of Skyrunning fun. Then I will be finishing myself off at Glen Coe Skyline in September. If the body has held out then the plan is to target the Barcelona 24hr race… yes another running round in circles race.


So deep breath, here goes:


Hill Racing

Bog & Burn Series

Kaim wed 20th April

Dumyat: wed 11th May

Kilpatricks: wed 25th May

Cort-ma Law: wed 1st June

Law Breaker: wed 29th June

Maddy Moss: wed 13th July

Long Classics

Jura 28th May

Arrochar Alps: 2nd July

2 Breweries: 24th September

Pentland Skyline: 9th October


Goat Fell: 21st May



Blamann Vertical (Tromso VK): 5th August

Trofeo Kima 28th August

Mammores VK 16 September

Glen Coe Skyline 18th September



D33: 12th March

Great Tartan Skidaddle: 9th April

Highland Fling: 30th April

Barcelona 24hr race: December



Highland Cross: 18th June


Not forgetting the most important date, 23rd July: wedding day!

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