Fling Training week 3 (28th Dec-3rd Jan): Getting through christmas

b&g parkrun

Christmas is a weird time for training, despite having more spare time somehow with all the eating, drinking and hanging out with family (1st world problems) it is harder fitting everything in. But  I have made it through and my manky exploding toe isn’t causing any more problems. Mon am: 4km test run to try out toe- felt ok Mon pm: 18km easy Tue am 10km hilly run inc 3x3min hills (intended to be 5 but headtorch battery started

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Beinn Dubh


With 7 days to go to the next race todays session was a wee bit lighter than recent weeks. I headed to Bein Dubh for todays hill reps.  Bein Dubh is a great wee hill with a nice gradient that is just about runnable all the way, but only just. So you spend the whole time flicking between running and fast hiking as it is hard to tell which is quickest. The descent is great fun, if you are

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Training 3-9th Aug

hill reps face cort-ma law

One of the main benefits of moving to Strathblane has been I can sneak in a lot more miles by running into work each day. So this week has seen the first hundred mile week in a while. 171km, 4730m ascent, 17hr 50m training time and pretty tired legs today. Not much quality speed work in there this week but plenty of hills, the main session was Saturday’s 37km of hill reps on Cort-ma Law. The highlight of which

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