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To start off the shiny new blog I thought I’d better round up where I am and what is coming up over the next couple of months.


2015 started with the excitement of being selected to run for Scotland at the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k. Unfortunately a build of niggling injuries and illness meant I didn’t really manage the run I would have hoped for. But still an amazing experience. It was great to run alongside Ross Houston and Andrew Murray in the Scotland vest. The run of injuries meant I didn’t make the startline for the West Highland Way race which originally was my main target race for the year. I decided to pull out rather than push on through another race my body wasn’t really up for. It has turned out to be a good decision as over the last few weeks fitness and general running mojo has started to return.

The feet are getting itchy for some new racing targets. Over the next month I have a couple of exciting skyrunning races to take part in. First up is the Glen Coe Skyline or as the Scotsman called it in a slightly hysterical article the “Highland deathrace”. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be a deathrace but it is over some pretty challenging terrain. I’ve had a recce over curved ridge and Aonach Eagach over the last couple of weeks. Video here.

Mostly it’s the 4100m of ascent that is giving me the fear, hence me running up and down Dumgoyne as often as I can recently.  A couple of weeks after Glen Coe skyline I have Grand Tour des Cerces which is part of the French skyrunning series. I don’t know much else about because my french is a bit ropey. But the important bit is 49km of running about in the Alps is likely to fun. Can’t wait.

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